Our services

Let’s face it, pets can’t tell their humans or their doctor where it hurts accurate diagnosis is vital. It results in better treatment shorter hospital stays and less cost to owners.

Health care:

·                     X-ray
·                     Ultra sonic
·                     Pregnancy Monitoring
·                     Surgery room 
·                     Vaccination
·                     Artificial insemination
·                     Accessories
·                     Shower - Hair cutting - Nail cutting
·                     Home visits


After surgery or any other medical procedure pets at IVH veterinary hospital are closely watched throughout the day in an area that is monitored constantly by the nursing staff, thus ensuring that your pet is receiving the best care possible.

Laboratory services:

IVH veterinary hospital is affiliated with a veterinary lab for obtaining chemical analysis of blood samples. This assists in evaluating the animals kidney function, liver function, and more. In house laboratory equipment is used for evaluation as well as for follow up exams as needed


Imagine not brushing your teeth for a couple of years, dentistry is an important part if health care which not only prevent tooth loss but freshness dog breath.
It can even prevent heart, liver and kidney diseases. If the bacteria in the plaque and tartar enter the blood stream and deposits into one of the body’s major organs, it can cause infection .our technicians are thoroughly trained in the proper tooth cleaning technique and a veterinarian always examines your pet’s mouth to determine if any dental procedures are necessary

Stud service:

Mating conditions
·     You will be requested to bring in your female dog for mating
·     Your female dog is entitled to 3 mating sessions

Pet insurance:

Accidents happen. So does getting sick. Pet insurance is designed to help cover the cost of treatment for unexpected illnesses, accidents, and injures.
You and your pet deserves the peace of wind that comes form being financially protected, please ask for more information call us
·     Telephone : 24017380
·     Mobile : 0128173320 


IVH hostel is a place where your dog or your cat can feel cared for, happy and safe while you are away.so save yourself the worry and simply lodge him in:
Hostel included:
1 - Meal: dogs get a snack in the morning
  * Hot meals are served in the evening
2   -  Entertainment :
  * Dogs only go for a walk once a day at least half an hour
3   -  Medical care :
*   Doctors checkup for all dogs twice per day.